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Caringbah Spinal Care Exercise Resources and Videos

If you want to be optimally healthy, including staying fit, happy, and vital, exercise is essential. Most people are well aware of this, yet many do not exercise and, among those who do, many fall short of reaching their fitness goals.

Part of the problem is the advice itself, as recommending “exercise” is about as useful as recommending a “healthy diet.” Unless there are more specifics… length of time, intensity, activities… many people will fail.

This is true even if you’ve been following conventional exercise recommendations, many of which are now outdated. And even though there’s a vast amount of information available to teach you how to best exercise, not all of it is accurate.

If you’re ready to start an exercise program, or improve the one you’re already using just ask your chiropractor.

Plank Variations

Foam Roller Techniques

Full Body Rolling Out Routine