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A message from Lymphatic Drainage and Massage


It is with mixed emotions that I write to you to inform you of both some good and bad news.

As a much valued patient of Lymphatic Drainage and Massage, I wanted to personally inform you that I have made the difficult decision to relocate my family and business to Queensland. This was by no means an easy decision to make, and it involved many discussions and considerations with those closest to me, but ultimately I feel it is the best one for my family and our future happiness.

As yet the date for our big move has yet to be confirmed but it will occur before the end of the year. Unfortunately, this means I will be unable to continue providing you with the high levels of care and service that you have experienced in our clinic.

I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for entrusting me with the privilege of helping you work towards a greater level of health!

It has been a pleasure, and seeing people flourish within the clinic is something that I truly cherish.

That brings me to the good news. Please do not think I am just abandoning you! You may or may not be aware that our clinic enjoys a fantastic relationship with Caringbah Spinal Care, a local chiropractic and wellness clinic. Dr Sascha Samerski is an incredibly dedicated practitioner who I have referred many patients to over the years, always with exemplary feedback. After informing them of my decision, they have made a very generous offer to you.

Should you wish to continue moving towards your optimal health, they have invited you for a COMPLEMENTARY initial consultation and full spinal and postural assessment usually valued at $74.00.

Should any further in-house testing (e.g. x-rays) be deemed helpful or necessary, they have also agreed to perform these at a rate of 50% OFF which represents terrific value.

Finally, should you take up this offer, they will also be happy to provide you with the opportunity to purchase a quality home massage device for $48.00 and provide full instruction on how to use it for your specific biomechanical and musculo-skeletal issues.

This device usually retails at $90 and has a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

I believe that this is a fantastic opportunity, and I am so grateful for Dr Sascha’s and Dr Dylan’s generosity.

I would really encourage you follow through on this offer, as having personally experienced their care, skill and attention to detail for myself; I’m sure that you will not be disappointed.

Thank you again for allowing me to assist you in your journey towards better health and vitality. I wish you nothing but happiness and health for the future.

Kind regards,


P.S. Click on the voucher images below to download a printable pdf.