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7 POINT 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
Our commitment to you

At Caringbah Spinal Care we base our reputation on the simple understanding that if we not only satisfy but also delight our clients, they will respond faster and be more likely to tell others about our services. This is why we have become the #1 referral based practice in the Shire.

1. Three Visit Introductory Satisfaction Guarantee

Since people all respond uniquely, we can’t guarantee results, but we can guarantee your satisfaction with our services. If at anytime within your first three visits to our centre you’re not completely delighted with your decision to consult our office, we’ll happily refund the money you’ve invested and guide you to make other care arrangements.

While additional future visits may be necessary, this introductory period is sufficient for people to know that consulting our office was a wise and appropriate decision.

2. “No Help, No Charge” Guarantee

On your initial visit, if we feel that we can’t help you, then we won’t charge you plus we’ll make an appropriate referral to a more suitable practitioner.

3. No Risk! No Obligation!

We guarantee you will be satisfied with our service otherwise there is no obligation to continue with us.

4. Extra time & focused attention

We allow for extra time on your first visits to thoroughly assess your situation and your individual health goals. On every visit, you will enjoy our undivided attention in helping you to improve your health and wellbeing.

5. Comprehensive care

If you have ever previously experienced a more thorough assessment (of its kind) than the one you experience with us, then you will simply not be charged.

6. ‘Self-help’ Strategies

You will be shown strategies to help yourself, including our fortnightly “Fast Track to Health” series of classes, which will ultimately empower you to a healthier body and healthier life.

7. Personal Monitoring

We will regularly monitor your progress, and keep you appraised, throughout the course of your care, so you will know where you are up to and what you can look forward to.

Ready to get started? Please contact us to arrange a time so that we may meet you and discuss your particular health issue. (02) 9526 7633.