Paediatric Chiropractic

Chiropractic is natural healthcare for children. It’s critical that children be checked as soon as possible after birth. Even if your child doesn’t have any outward symptoms, there may be underlying conditions that haven’t surfaced yet.

What Is Paediatric Care?

Chiropractor Dr Sascha Samerski explains, “Children’s spines are growing. When they’re not developing as well as they should as far as posture, stability, strength and overall biomechanical function. That tends to get hard-wired and becomes very difficult to change down the track. It’s similar to orthodontics and how easy it is during childhood. When you become an adult, it becomes much more difficult and costly to make changes.”

Chiropractors often find misalignment and abnormal spinal motion in children. Spinal stress/injury may begin from the forces of the birthing process, with a lot of pressure being created at the cranial and upper neck regions of many newborns-especially if forceps or vacuum suction is used.

Problems can appear in the growth process at any time. All the expected falls, thumps/bumps and injuries that occur as your child develops and explores their environment can place stress on the framework of your child’s growing body.

Children also have a lot more intense sporting and training regimens than in the past. Chiropractic may help minimise these negative forces while helping your child’s body gain the strength it needs to cope with them.

Kids are also exposed to computers and tech devices from a much earlier age. Posture has become a real issue with forward head carriage and a sedentary lifestyle. Life is arguably much faster and busier, so stress could also be a factor in developing spinal problems.

Working with children is very rewarding. Your child’s body has an innate knowledge of what they need; we help them work through that process. Once your child’s condition improves, so do the lives of everyone impacted.

Baby crawling

First, we will examine your child’s entire spine for spinal misalignment (and abnormal spinal bio-mechanics). The more misalignment (and abnormal spinal bio-mechanics) present the more stress on the discs, joints, ligaments and muscles.

As a family chiropractic practice, we also use many paediatric techniques developed for analysing and adjusting our many babies and infant patients. Our paediatric methods are very different from those typically used on adults. The pressure used is typically equivalent to that which is applied to check the ripeness of a tomato.

Although a great deal more research needs to be conducted, there is a growing body of evidence that many childhood issues can be effectively addressed with appropriate chiropractic care.

Dr Sascha Samerski will take the time to listen to you about what your goals are for your child.
Once we find out what you’re seeking, we will try to diagnose the problem.
We welcome you to bring your child in to see how chiropractic care may help them.

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